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About Me

I am a dedicated Inquiry based teacher where I have professionally taught Design and Visual Arts IB and American Common Core programs. I firmly believe in the motto of “Action and Reflection”, to guide the students into direct and supportive project based student centered learning environments where the students are engaged in their experiences and outcomes with world relatable project based assessments.

With my years of experience I have become adept in classroom environments with adaptive strategies and abilities to instruct and manage diverse students, develop engaging lesson plans, and be proficient in teacher faculty collaborations. Moreover, with my solid educational foundation and a passion for Design Technology and Digital Arts, I have always sought to build my skill set by affiliation and foundation of Maker Space and design organizations.

In addition I am an advocate of the IB motto, “Teachers as Learners”, that cultivates minds that will engage in new ideas and skills with curiosity and differentiating perspectives of big ideas with statement of inquiry in relation to the real world in our attempts to find viable, sustainable and fair solutions which I believe has lead me to a life of new global possibilities.

I am a valuable teaching asset to the success of students and the reputation for commitment towards a global diverse learning for 21st century skills is recognizable in my classroom teaching and student assessments.

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